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AmiCo - is the cross platform library for efficient interlanguage communication. Current implementation supports JavaPythonC/C++ integration for Mac OS X and Linux (support for Windows is planning as well).

Join the libAmiCo googlegroup for details and updates.

Currently this page gives just a short description of what it is like. More -- soon.

The purpose of the AmiCo library to provide an easy-to-use an possibly implicit bridge  between the foreign programming languages preserving high performance, comparable to the native languages runtimes. 

The design of the AmiCo library allows to develop a bridge between all supported languages so far and your language (if it still has not been supported) for the cost of the development required for bridging it with C/C++.

The idea behind makes use of the native language bindings such as JNI for Java, ctypes for Python, HSFFIG for Haskell, etc.